It is important to create the best first impression possible of your property because as they say, there are no second chances at a first impression. There are many inexpensive options when preparing your property for sale, which may determine the success of the sale. The best possible price for your home will usually be achieved if it sells during the early weeks of it being on the market, so exceptional presentation is critical. It is highly important that the property is priced based on the market that it is in, so please be aware that the price can vary depending on external influences.

Walk through your property as though it was the first time you had seen it and be critical as the majority of people will decide what they don’t like about the property much faster than what they do like. If you find it hard to be critical on your own property, ask a friend to walk through and give you truthful but constructive feedback.

To keep it simple, we want to give you 7 easy steps to Selling your Property

Kerb Appeal – how does your property look from the kerb? If potential buyers love the look of the house from the kerb, they become excited to see it and they will call for an appointment.

Clutter – eliminate it everywhere: closets, garages, the kitchen, each room, yard, etc. If they see clutter, they might not be able to see the benefits behind it.

Clean – everywhere and everything! People value cleanliness, in what they see, smell, and touch.

Character and charm –what makes your property special. It is the little touches of decorating such as flower arrangements in a room, or a welcoming entry as soon as the buyers walk into the home, these things can all contribute to a special feeling.

Critique your home objectively – how does it compare to others in the area? What are your property’s strengths and potential weaknesses? When selling your property your Fresh Estate Agent will highlight the features and benefits of your home on all marketing material, thus proving superior value in the market place.

Cost vs. value – spend money in the right places and on the right items to get your home “market ready.” The best way to accomplish this is to obtain a free, no obligation pre-listing consultation.

The Key: 17 Secrets to Selling your Property For More” – ask your Fresh Estate Agent for your free copy of our e-book “The Key: 17 Secrets to Selling your Property For More”